Centre for Arthritis

IRIS outpatient department caters to both adults and children with various rheumatic diseases. At IRIS our expert team of doctors are fully equipped to deal with even the most complex of rheumatologic problems offering comprehensive solutions in shortest possible time. We render medical care of the highest quality at cost effective rates upholding the values and ethics of medical profession. Besides doctors, our team for patient care consists of nurses, physiotherapists and medical social workers ensuring a coordinated care.

Our Expertise

  • Diagnosis and management of autoimmune rheumatic diseases

  • Diagnosis and management of degenerative joint diseases and soft tissue rheumatic diseases

  • Diagnosis and management of Pediatric Rheumatic diseases

  • Intra articular injections (USG guided and non guided)

  • Interpretation of Immunologic investigations

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitative services in rheumatic diseases

Immuno Diagnostics Laboratory

IRIS Laboratory is a state of the art diagnostic laboratory set up for providing testing facilities to customers of Institute for Rheumatology and Immunology Services. The IRIS laboratory performs a wide array of routine as well as sophisticated tests using the most modern machinery. We work on the basis of principles of Quality, Innovation, Reliability, & Ethics. For us trust of our clients is the inspiration for excellence.

Quality Policy for Laboratory

At IRIS, we understand that our reports make a world of difference for our customers. Hence quality is our priority and we strive to deliver the most accurate reports for each of our clients. Our machinery which has been selected from global leaders in medical technology ensures rapid and reliable reports. Majority of the tests are fully automated and our technicians are trained and committed to maintaining highest standards in reporting. Our custom built software using intra network minimizes the errors of reporting. We follow stringent quality measures with validation of our testing program through internal and external quality controls. We partner with EQAS programs conducted by Bio Rad (USA) and CMC (Vellore) and routinely perform inter and intra lab comparisons to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability of reports. In recognition to our efforts at ensuring quality, IRIS laboratory services including Biochemistry and Immunology tests have received the prestigious NABH accreditation. In addition our laboratory has also acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certification for maintaining quality standards.

Our Equipments

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art devices doing a wide range of immunological and non immunological tests . We maintain the highest standards of test reports by adopting stringent quality measures. Our patients are assured of these services with minimal waiting periods.

  • Horiba Yumizen 5000 - 6 Part Automated Hematology Analyzer

  • Vitros 350 - Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Eurostar III Plus - Indirect Immunoflurosence Microscope

  • STAT FAX 4700 - ELISA reader

  • Mispa i2 - Specific Protein Analyzer

  • Mini Vidas - Immunochenistry Analyzer

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSUS)

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSUS) has emerged as a crucial aid to rheumatologist in the diagnosis of joint and soft tissue diseases. Not only is it helpful in picking up arthritis even before it has manifested clinically, it is extremely sensitive for detecting tendon pathologies as well. Compared to the more expensive MRI it is more economic modality in detecting disorders of tendon, muscle and nerve compression syndromes. Ultrasound guidance greatly improves the accuracy and safety of intra articular and intra lesional injections as well; making it an indispensable service in Rheumatology setting.

IRIS is one of the first dedicated rheumatology centers in the country with facilities for Musculoskeletal ultrasound. IRIS is equipped with Philips HD15 Colour Doppler Ultrasound System with advanced musculoskeletal imaging capabilities performed by highly qualified radiologist.

Pharmacy Services

IRIS Pharmacy has a steady supply of medicines from reputed companies. Our approach is patient centric and our pharmacists and staff nurses are trained in giving appropriate counseling to ensure proper compliance and safety of our prescribed medications. Routine quality checks ensure appropriate conditions of storage. Our pharmacists are alert to medication related problems and are sensitized to report such issues promptly. Our computerized pharmacy services ensure safe and accurate drug dispensing.

Physiotherapy Unit

Our physiotherapy unit delivers effective treatment based on the most recent knowledge in the field. We aim to return the patient to a pain free life with the best possible functional activity. We are one of the pioneers in the state in the field of soft tissue rheumatism. We specialize in identification and treatment trigger points, a modality much helpful in the management of conditions life fibromyalgia, myofascitis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder to name a few.

We are equipped with the most modern gadgets and are continuously updating our knowledge and practice according to the recent trends. Physical modalities as Heat and Ice therapy, Ultrasound, MST, TENS, Infrared and IFT are offered to appropriate patients. In order to complement manual therapy, patients are encouraged to take a central role in the process of rehabilitation by postural re-education and home based exercise programs. Appropriate orthotics is also advised for patients in need for them.

"We aim to provide the best care for patients with rheumatic diseases with most sincerity. "